MyLifeTouch is a United States-based photography company that provides photographs to families and schools. The company is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States. At MyLifeTouch you will find a wide selection of professional photographic products.

MyLifeTouch is a portrait photography company with more than 80 years of history. MyLifeTouch was founded in 1935 as National School Studios and specializes in photography of school events.

For an overview of services, MyLifeTouch can help you follow these important steps for preschoolers. You can also order photography services to click on reminders and achievements from kindergarten through graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions About MyLifeTouch

Is online billing available for MyLifeTouch?

This! You can pay all your MyLifeTouch bills online by visiting the billing website at https://MyLifeTouch.com or by calling the number above.

What is the MyLifeTouch login page?

You can register on the MyLifeTouch website at www.MyLifeTouch.com.

I need help logging into my MyLifeTouch account. Where can I get the best help?

If you need help logging into the MyLifeTouch website, please contact customer service at the phone number above.

Can I access my account or pay for MyLifeTouch from my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can access your MyLifeTouch account from any web browser, phone, tablet, or desktop device.

How can I contact MyLifeTouch if I have questions about my bill or account?

If you have any questions about your MyLifeTouch bill, please contact customer service at www.MyLifeTouch.com

Can I pay for MyLifeTouch with a debit card?

Due to ever-evolving policies and procedures, please contact MyLifeTouch customer service to see if you can pay by debit card.

Can I pay MyLifeTouch with a credit card?

Due to ever-evolving policies and procedures, please contact MyLifeTouch Customer Service to verify your credit card creditworthiness.

MyLifeTouch services also include photography for communities and sporting events. MyLifeTouch has its own room for special events such as graduation programs, theater, choir or dance. K-12 photos can be ordered online. Parents can search MyLifeTouch.com where they can enter their photo ID and password to request photos.