Picture Day

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Picture Day: Parents’ Perspective

Being a parent is the last adventure in life. Your child is your pride and joy, and you love watching them grow in independence and personality year after year. School photos capture this perfectly, which is why creating a collection of image tags is so important. Chances are, no other photo set captures your growth better than MyLifeTouch School photos.

When your child grows up, he will be very grateful to have this priceless collection. Keep your prints in a safe place; B. in a photo album or in a secure storage drawer. She will definitely take them off from time to time even while planning that special prom!

And don’t forget that every year when you purchase a qualifying plan at mylifetouch.com, your child’s school digital photo is sent to your Shutterfly account and stored in Shutterfly’s free, unlimited storage space. This way you have a digital collection that keeps track of all the prints you order.

Photo Day Collection: Advantages For Students

Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and more love school photos. But students also benefit from this annual tradition. Picture Day allows them to give the best of themselves and express their personality through different styles and looks. Their appearance changes every year, as do their dress preferences, which means this photo shows who they are and who they can be proud of.

Not only can you share school photos with friends this school year, but it’s also fun to collect your photos to see your own growth year after year. Your young student may not know it yet, but the kindergarten and middle school photo collection you develop will work just as well as you do.

As they get older, they can look back and see how much they have changed. When looking to the future, it is important to see where they come from. A collection of school photos helps to immortalize this trip.

Building on the tradition of Picture Day, MyLifeTouch captures smiling faces from kindergarten through high school, as well as sports, special events, seniors, and yearbooks. Additional photography services are offered through MyLifeTouch’s JCPenney Portraits, helping families capture special landmarks across the country.